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Broken Scars (A Standalone) Teaser

Broken Scars I ©JM Walker

(unedited and subject to change)

“Does it make you hard that I won’t always do what you say?” I pushed out from beneath him and shoved him back before crawling toward him on all fours. “Is that your thing? You demand for me to do things and when I don’t, you fuck me?” I crawled over him.

His breathing became labored, his hands now cupping my ass.

“Tell me.” I licked down the length of his jaw before reaching his ear. “You want me to fight you.”

In a quick move, he had me on my back. He wrapped his fingers around my neck and glared down at me. “Fighting me has nothing to do with this.”

“No?” I cupped him over his pants. “Are you sure? Because Little Lucas is saying otherwise.”

“Little Lucas?” He chuckled, the sound dark and cold. “Baby, there’s nothing little about me.”

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#BrokenScars #LucasCrane #Standalone

#LucasCrane #BrokenScars #Standalone #JMWalker

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