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Does anyone read blogs anymore?

Happy Sunday!

One of my favourite running accounts over on Instagram, published a book and mentioned how they used to use MySpace to blog about their running and life. But the views dwindled when blogs became a thing. So it makes me wonder if anyone actually reads blog posts anymore. I know my sister does and I've seen a lot of bloggers still constantly updating their blogs with new posts and all that jazz.

I guess newsletters could be a blog in a way. I do have one of those, I just suck at sending them out. That's a 2025 task. I'm giving myself time. ;)

So if you're reading this, hi! Welcome. I'm going to try and write a blog post more often. Not sure what I can talk about but I guess I can start with something small.

Besides writing, reading and running, I'm obsessed with yoga. There's just something about that centres me and keeps me calm. Even in the hard poses and the intense classes. Now, I'm not flexible by any means but I'm working on it.

What do you do to find your zen?

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