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Cover Re-Branding Reveal!

Super random cover reveal!! While I do have to update the formatting for the ebook and paperback, you can still grab it with the original cover at the moment. No content has changed. At all. I'm just updating things to match my branding.

Anyway, a few little details about said book:

  • Standalone

  • You do NOT see these characters anywhere else but inside this book, so you do not have to read anything before it or after it to understand what's going on

  • My first attempt at a dark book/storyline

  • Book deals with addiction/alcoholism

  • It's quite intense. I don't even actually remember writing half the stuff inside this story. I think I was in a super negative place or something while I wrote it. Who knows.

  • The book is just over 5 years old but I'm super proud of this story. I just keep forgetting that it's there, so I haven't promoted it much over the years but I'm going to change that.


We live. We love. We die.

He is my ultimate undoing.

She is my strength.

He will destroy me.

She will make me whole.

I need him more than the control that he craves.

I need her more than I need my next breath.

He knows me.

She sees me.

As much as I want to, I can’t let him in.

As much as I’ve tried, I can’t let her go.

Together, we need him.

Free in Kindle Unlimited.

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