So this past weekend was the 4th Writers On The River in East Peoria, Illinois. While I've been every year so far, I have to say this one was by far the busiest. It still blows me away how big it's become over the years.

First off, the things these four ladies do for their charity, is mind-blowing. Their donation total over the 4 years is $24,500 cash and $1,000 shelter supplies. How amazing is that??? This past event raised $8,000 with 360 readers attending!

And look at all of these authors!!!

This event is so well run. It's organized, the volunteers are helpful, always walking by your table and making sure that you're happy and you have everything that you need. And while the four ladies who started the charity event are super busy on the day of, they are always there to answer your questions. They do what they can to accommodate you in anyway possible.

I seriously can't thank these girls enough for having me back each year.

If are you are a new author, an established author, it doesn't matter. This event looks at every single author, whether you're big or small. They don't care if you have only 1 book out or a million. If you're an Amazon bestselling author or a New York Times bestselling author...they want you. The doors are always open to new authors, and readers? There is always someone new for them to meet as well.

While some may think this event is "small"...it's really not. As soon as the VIP doors opened, most of us were so busy, we couldn't walk around to visit our author peers and say hi. It was non-stop. And it was EXCITING!

Thank you to all the readers who came to my table! Who didn't know me but still came to say hi. Who bought a book. Who took swag. Who gave me a hug. Who were there! Even if you didn't buy anything at all, you showed up, you supported this event. So YOU are amazing!

Hanging out with my author peers will never get old. Most of you I had seen/met before but some of you I hadn't yet and I was so excited to finally make that happen!!!

Also, this is hands down one of my favourite events. I've been to many but this is the only one that I've been back to every single year besides the one that's in my home city.

I can't express enough how amazing this event is. And the after party?? Three words: Mashed potato bar.

I can't thank Angie, Melinda, Jillian and Anya enough for having me back each year. I only wish nothing but the best for them and I hope with next year being year 5, that we can get 500 readers! How amazing would that be?

These ladies are amazing for all that they do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for having me back each and every year. I know this post is filled with mostly thank you's but seriously, THANK YOU! As long as you'll have me, I am a WOTR Veteran for LIFE. The charity you help with, the money you've raised for those women in need, just you as women, you're inspirational. You uplift each other, us, and never tear anyone down. You are firm believers that women should empower women. I love you.

From the bottom of my heart, all the way down to my toes, thank you.



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