Broken Scars (A Standalone) Teaser

Broken Scars I ©JM Walker (unedited and subject to change)

The video chat suddenly appeared on my screen indicating that Lucas was calling me. I answered, smiling when his handsome face came into view. “Hey.” “Hi, Lily Pad.” My heart warmed at the nickname. “How are you?” “Not too bad. You?” “Good. Did you want to come over?” We usually stayed at his place, but I was in pajamas and just didn’t want to go anywhere. “Not in the mood to go out?” “Well, I’m not dressed and…yeah.” “Hmm…” He rubbed the scruff on his jaw. “Show me.” I giggled. “Hold on.” I slid off the bed and closed my door before clicking the lock into place. Rushing back to my bed, I turned the lap top, so it was facing me and took a couple steps back. “How’s this?” His eyes roamed over me. “Turn around.” I did. “Bend over.” My body heated. I did as I was told, looking at him over my shoulder. Lucas smirked. “I think you should convince me to come over.” “Oh?” I rose to my full height and turned back around. Running my hands down my torso, I hooked my thumbs into the waist band of my panties. “I’m in a tank top and panties. This isn’t enough to convince you, baby?” He chuckled, the sound smooth and dark. It sent a ripple of heat over my skin. “No. Convince me, Lily. Show me how much you want me to come over.” Getting an idea, I pulled the chair out from beneath my desk and moved it in front of my bed. I sat, spreading my legs and leaned forward. “Show me your tits.” I licked my lips, lowering my tank top and cupped my breast. “So fucking incredible,” he growled. “Do you have any toys, Lily Pad? Anything that gets that little pussy nice and hot?” I grinned, the husk of his voice sliding over every inch of me. I turned, reaching into my dresser and pulled out the Hitachi Wand. “Oh yeah,” Lucas said. “That’ll work.”

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