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Broken Scars (A Standalone) Teaser

Broken Scars I ©JM Walker (unedited and subject to change)

I held my arms out. “Lay with me.”

“It’s almost four in the morning.” Lucas yawned. “Let me get a cloth.” He went to the bathroom and came back a moment later with a cloth in hand.

“I’m not tired but you can sleep.” Truth was, I was wired. Beyond wired in fact.

Lucas knelt on the bed. “I’ll hurt you.”

“No, you won’t. Come here.”

“Let me clean you up first.” He placed a soft peck on my forehead, dipping the cloth between my legs and brushed it over my properly used center. He dipped it lower.

I gasped, arching into him and spread my legs.

He chuckled. “Like that?”

“Oh yeah.” I shivered.

All too soon, he pulled his hand away and disposed of the cloth in the laundry hamper.

“Now will you lay with me?” I asked, reaching my arms out for him again.

He crawled onto the bed and laid on his stomach, his head resting against my chest. I pulled the blankets up and over us, running my hands in soothing circles over his upper back. His breathing evened.

“I got you, Lucas,” I whispered. “I’m not going anywhere.”

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