Broken Scars (A Standalone) Teaser

Broken Scars I ©JM Walker (unedited and subject to change)

“This isn’t right.” But it felt so damn good. Even though I was sore, even though Lucas had just confessed to some of the things he had been through, I never wanted him more. I didn’t understand this need for him. This feral want. I wanted him to fuck me and rip me apart. I wanted all of him. “I need you.” “That’s nice.” He sunk his teeth into the side of my neck. “Please,” I whined. “I need you inside me.” “You want my big cock stretching out this tiny little pussy?” “Yes,” I cried out, pushing back into his hand. Lucas released me, pushing me off of him and stepped out of the tub. He pulled me to my feet and in a quick move, bent me over the bathroom counter. “Look at us, Lily.” He fisted my hair, forcing me to look at our reflection. “Look at how fucked up we are.” He slammed into me at the same time he thrust his thumb into the tight rim at my ass. I whimpered, slapping my hands against the counter and met him thrust for aching thrust. “Tell me what you see.” He covered my breast with his large tattooed hand. “Tell me.” “You. Broken. Tattooed. Beautiful,” I said between pants. “Me. No tattoos. But so damn turned on.” Lucas cupped my thigh, pulling my leg out to the side and pushed it up onto the counter to give him better access. “What else?” he demanded, wrapping his hand around my throat. “Tell me, Lily.” He pulled me back against him. “I see us, moving together and making each other feel good.” His eyes met mine in the mirror. One was dark. One was pale. And while he could only see out of one of them, he still looked at me like I was the only thing that existed in his world.

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