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King's Harlots Series, Book One -

Amazon US ➜ https://amzn.com/B01D7Y1FEK Amazon CA ➜ http://a.co/hIUPQFz Amazon UK ➜ http://amzn.eu/3tEN0lS Amazon AU ➜ https://tinyurl.com/yayatah2

"An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker" He refuses to fall in love. He was born alone and he will die alone. Or, at least he thought so until now. Vice-One is all he knows. His squad. His brothers. The men he spends every day protecting. He is empty and only one person can fill this void. This darkness. Meanwhile, Genevieve Gold makes it clear he should stay away when she is everything he craves. She is lost. Her heart has been ripped out; stomped on...crushed into tiny pieces, leaving only a gaping hole behind. King's Harlots is all she has. Her club. Her sisters. Her life. But something is missing until he shows up. Angel Rodriguez is everything she hates but everything she needs. Putting differences aside, they will work together to bring down a malevolent force threatening to rip them apart...

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