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What could be a trigger for you, may not be a trigger for me. I know a lot of readers aren't fans of knowing in advance what could be triggering but a lot of readers DO need to know in advance. And that is perfectly understandable! So I thought I'd do something a little differently this time for the warning in this book by giving YOU the choice to either read the trigger warnings or not. 

Possible triggers:


Consensual kink:

- Mild form of degradation 

- Slapping

- Name calling

- Anal play

- Fisting with a hand and a small bottle

- Mild drool play (this only happens in one scene)

Non-consensual scenes:

- Heroine was attacked in the past

* Attack isn't shown but talked about - Heroine was raped and beat - Lost her unborn baby as a result *

- Heroine gets taken by her ex fling and ends up getting branded 

* Scene where this happens makes you think at first that she could be raped as she's held down but I promise she doesn't - It is an intense scene and made me highly uncomfortable while writing it *

- Character death

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