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This boxed set includes The King's Harlots Series, Hell's Harlem Series and The Next Generation Series. 23 books in total with over 1 million words!


King's Harlots Series:

Grit, Stain, Grim, Rude, Numb, Rust, For You


Female MC teams up with Navy SEALs to try and bring down a human trafficking ring.


Hell's Harlem Series:

Greyson, Tray, Catch


Tough bikers who are brought to their knees by strong leading ladies.


The Next Generation Series:

Control Us, The Christmas Gift, With Us, With You, Before Us, Being Us, Finally Us, After Us, Rescue Us, Liberate Us, Consume Us, Promise Us, Tempt Us


Group of friends who find love without even looking for it.

The Crew 2.0

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