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August 3, 2022

I decided to do something scary.

Something I never thought I would do.


Like at all.

I've stopped dying my hair.

I know I know. 

I'm probably crazy and will probably even change my mind at some point. But I started trimming my own hair, I even dye my own hair. While I save money on hair cuts, I do NOT save money on hair dye. Sure, I'm only using Manic Panic now and you can get a tub for $15 off of Amazon. But with how quickly it washes out, $15 adds up. Especially if you want bright colour constantly.


I love freshly dyed hair but honestly, I'm getting to the point where I can't be bothered. 

Little story: We went to an event back in July and because my hair was just freshly dyed, I brought my own towel, so it wouldn't bleed onto the hotel towels. didn't matter really when my hair bled everywhere else. It's a pain. I can't tell you how many towels I've "ruined". But thankfully, my husband doesn't care about that. It's just a towel right?

But I've decided that it's time for a change.

2022 started off hard. With losing my dad in January, I really didn't have high hopes for a better year. But I know that he wouldn't want me to live that way, so I picked up some self-help books and started a journey with myself.

My husband has been beyond supportive by the way of everything I do. I really can't thank him enough for putting up with my quirks.

So July 13, 2022 was the last day I dyed my hair and August 3, 2022 is when I decided that I'm no longer going to dye it and embrace the grey as it comes in. I'm only 38, so I know it'll take awhile. It'll be hard but I'm determined.

It'll also be terrifying because I haven't had virgin hair since I was like 14 or 15. So I know I'll feel vulnerable. But I'll also feel empowered!

Society has it's "rules" on what women should look like or how they're beauty regimes should be, etc.'s time for a change.

I'm doing this for me.


August 17, 2022

It's been a month since I've dyed my hair. I haven't really noticed a huge difference yet. Just that the purple is becoming less purple. The grey isn't super noticable either since I don't have a lot yet. But I'm hoping that as I get older, the grey will turn white. My grandpa had thick white/silver hair, so fingers crossed my turns the same.


Have you decided to give up hair dye? I've found several groups on Facebook and even accounts on Instagram with inspiration and support. Because going au natural, is a big deal.


I'm excited to see where this takes me.

Fingers crossed I don't give in and I can actually stick this out!


September 14, 2022

It's been 2 months since I've dyed my hair and man does it ever feel different! I rewarded myself and bought a hair mask and hair oil from L'Ange.

Please note that I'm no way affiliated with them. I just really love their products, so I've linked to their site.

My hair definitely feels healthier. So so much healthier.


I haven't told many people that I'm no longer dying my hair and am embracing the grey as it comes in but everyone I have told so far, have been supportive. My sister asked me why I decided to do this and I gave her the typical responses. To save money, time, energy, etc etc. But really, I'm doing this because I'm happy that I'm able to. No. I'm honoured. Lots of people haven't made it this far. I know I'm only 39 - just turned it in fact - but lots of people haven't even made it past 20 or 35 or younger. 

I've decided to embrace my age. To live life to it's fullest. To let the wrinkles come in and the grey to shine. Mind you, I do buy skin care products for aging skin but it's nothing crazy. I just like the way it makes my skin feel but I really don't know if it does anything for aging or wrinkles or anything like that. I have a stupid frown line that I would love to get rid of but at the same time, it shows that I made it through difficult jobs and crappy situations with my husband that no couple should have to go through really.

So I'm running for my mental health, letting the grey come in and embracing the wisdom that comes along with it as I age.



November 13, 2022

It's been 4 months since I've dyed my hair and it's never felt healthier! If I would have known how good it would feel by not dying it, I would have started this process forever ago. But at the same time, I don't think I was in the right frame of mind to do it. 

Society has women thinking that you can't show your age. By either dying your hair, botox, etc. The only thing I do that has some form of anti-aging stuff in it, is my skin care. But I don't even think it works really. It does make my skin feel nice but I have a frown line between my brows that hasn't gone away or even lessened, no matter how much anti-aging stuff I use. So, I'm going to embrace my age.

My husband doesn't care that I'm getting older.

So I shouldn't either.



December 30, 2022

5 months since I've dyed my hair and it feels amazing! I'm still impatiently waiting for it to grow out of course. I just want it long again. I miss my messy buns.

We went on vacation at the end of November and the sun made the little bits of grey that I have, really come out. It was also a stressful vacation, so that could be it as well. One thing I don't like though and have noticed is that it looks really oily now that it's darker. So if I go a day or two without washing it, you can really notice. Or I can anyway. Looks like I'll have to get some dry shampoo.



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