August 3, 2022

I decided to do something scary.

Something I never thought I would do.


Like at all.

I've stopped dying my hair.

I know I know. 

I'm probably crazy and will probably even change my mind at some point. But I started trimming my own hair, I even dye my own hair. While I save money on hair cuts, I do NOT save money on hair dye. Sure, I'm only using Manic Panic now and you can get a tub for $15 off of Amazon. But with how quickly it washes out, $15 adds up. Especially if you want bright colour constantly.


I love freshly dyed hair but honestly, I'm getting to the point where I can't be bothered. 

Little story: We went to an event back in July and because my hair was just freshly dyed, I brought my own towel, so it wouldn't bleed onto the hotel towels. didn't matter really when my hair bled everywhere else. It's a pain. I can't tell you how many towels I've "ruined". But thankfully, my husband doesn't care about that. It's just a towel right?

But I've decided that it's time for a change.

2022 started off hard. With losing my dad in January, I really didn't have high hopes for a better year. But I know that he wouldn't want me to live that way, so I picked up some self-help books and started a journey with myself.

My husband has been beyond supportive by the way of everything I do. I really can't thank him enough for putting up with my quirks.

So July 13, 2022 was the last day I dyed my hair and August 3, 2022 is when I decided that I'm no longer going to dye it and embrace the grey as it comes in. I'm only 38, so I know it'll take awhile. It'll be hard but I'm determined.

It'll also be terrifying because I haven't had virgin hair since I was like 14 or 15. So I know I'll feel vulnerable. But I'll also feel empowered!

Society has it's "rules" on what women should look like or how they're beauty regimes should be, etc.'s time for a change.

I'm doing this for me.